What do we do?

We help keep families connected by grading your network, and resolving degraded network performance.

We make sure students have the hardware and software they need to excel in their education. 

We asses your current hardware and offer suggestions to keep your system at it’s peak performance. 

We offer in depth backup solutions to keep your digital property safe.  


Internet Analysis
Hardware Analysis
Software Analysis

Our internet analysis is an on site visit to your home, to asses the current standings of your internet. We will be testing both wired and wireless connection points. 

We will grade your network based on the internet speeds you have from your internet package, and give you a detailed report of our findings. 

If we find any poor network connections, or a degraded wireless signal, we will give you a detailed list of suggestions, as well as a service estimate should you want to have them resolved. 


Desktops -

This would involve a full cleaning of all fans and heat sinks, as well as a full test of hardware components. 

Laptops - 

This would involve a cleaning of major exaust ports and fans, as well as a full test of hardware components.

Our software analysis will help speed up your PC but clearing cached internet files, as well as a full virus and malware scan.